Kick it up for Super Bowl!!

Give your Super Bowl party a kick…

“Game Day” menu ideas to create the best party and enjoy the whole day with friends and family!


Kick Off Breakfast!


                                                                                                 Bacon Bowl Pancakes!!

Make a day of it!!

Sturdiwheat Pancakes – be creative and use our great pancake dispenser or make bacon bowl pancakes.
Make pancake initials of your favorite team.
Use food coloring to dye the batter to match your teams colors!
Fry up some bacon and form your teams initials!
Discover our Corn Pancakes and top with salsa, cheese and sour cream!
Bacon wrap your pancakes – top with Sturdiwheat Special blend Syrup or some sweet Gunflint Jams and Syrups!
Waffles?? Top with fried crumbled bacon and of course Sturdiwheat Special Blend Syrup.
Breakfast Egg Bake