The Sturdiwheat mixes that you love are developed by our friends and fellow “foodies” and are not marketed until they are perfected for the discerning taste buds of food lovers! That means that all the spices and high quality ingredients required to produce the finest flavor are “in the bag” so you don’t have to work too hard for a great tasting meal or snack.

Read About Our Developers:

Arlo “OLE” Jenson

Wild Rice Bread and Popovers

“OLE” was a serious “foodie” and traveled the world as President of Red Wing Shoe Company. Constantly cooking and baking for friends and business pals and dining out with them around the world, When “OLE” retired he developed these interests even more. Turing his attention to our Minnesota Native Wild Rice, OLE created our new Wild Rice Bread Mix to carry this texture and flavor to the most discriminating “foodies.”  This bread mix can be made into baguettes or into a loaf. If using a bread machine, follow your machine’s directions.  OLE also developed our Popovers Mix–these are a holiday favorite of our customers, but we at Sturdiwheat enjoy them all year long!