Bao Bing A thin Chinese pancake, often served with Peking Duck
Blini Small Russian buckwheat pancakes often served with caviar and sour cream
Boxty Irish potato pancakes
Crepes Thin French pancakes
Buckwheat Pancakes Pancakes made with ground buckwheat
Dadar Guting Sweet Indonesian pancake wrapped around brown sugar and cooked coconut
Flapjacks Pancakes fried in a pan over an open fire
Griddle Cake A hearty pancake served with fruit or syrup
Hoe Cake A cornmeal pancake, also called Johnnycake
Hotcake Pancake
Johnnycake A cornmeal pancake dating back to the 1700’s
Latke A potato pancake, traditionally served at Hanukkah
Palacsinta Hungarian pancakes served in 6 or 7-layered stacks with savory or sweet filling
Palatschinken Austrian pancakes
Pancake Dates back to early Greece
Pannequet A filled and rolled crepe
Poori Pancakes in India
Potato Pancakes Made from batter, often including both raw and mashed, cooked potatoes
Qata’if Middle Eastern Pancakes
Ratzelach A Polish potato pancake
Schmarren Pancakes, torn apart with forks, then served with butter and sugar
Silver Dollar Cakes 2″ diameter pancakes
Slapjacks Flapjack pancake
Swedish Pancake A thin pancake served in Sweden
Waffles A pancake batter to which additional oil is added, cooked in a griddle designed to create a proportionately more “griddled” or browned exterior surface to the interior of the pancake