Why Rye? Flavor and Health Benefits Abound!

Bruce Ause, Red Wing, MN naturalist, photo of Rattlesnake Bluff – ripe winter rye

Whole grains, and variation, are great building blocks for making sure your carb intake is healthy. Rye is just one of the many whole grains that has benefits we often don’t think about. The Whole Grains Council lists many beneficial attributes, including weight loss, lowering insulin response, increased feeling of satisfaction when eating (vs. some other grains), and reduced inflammation. Click HERE for more information on how rye and other health, whole grains (we prefer GMO-free!) can benefit your overall diet and health.

These bread mixes are so easy to use. All you need is water (yeast is included in the package). You can use a bread machine or make the dough by hand. Our flavorful breads tend to be heartier and more dense than others.

Dark Caraway Rye Bread Mix –Sturdiwheat’s Dark Caraway Rye bread mix was developed to satisfy those who like darker European-style rye breads. This bread is great for hors d’oeuvres. Serve with thinly sliced roast beef, a horse radish cream spread or a hot artichoke or crab dip. Perfect for Rueben sandwiches.

Try this Hot Artichoke Dip with the rye–yum!

Limpa Sweet Rye Bread Mix is a specific type of Scandinavian rye. Like Swedish Meatballs, each home has a somewhat different recipe. As far as we know, all Limpa breads contain rye flour, molasses, some form of citrus, and are sweet. The spices will vary in combinations of anise, caraway, fennel and cardamom. Our recipe has orange rind, caraway, and anise. Limpa is great served fresh or toasted and makes the best ham and cheese, turkey or grilled cheese sandwich you ever tasted.

Bread making tips:

  • Accurate measuring of water – use a liquid measuring cup which will have a pouring spout.
  • The temperature of the water should be under 110 degrees (over 110 degrees will kill the yeast)
  • Knead the dough until it is elastic, smooth and firm. It is very difficult to over knead bread and very common to under knead.

Also serve with our Holiday Cheese Ball recipe

The Rye Galette. Just the right amount of rye flavor in our Galette that pairs perfectly with any fruit. This Galette crust is flakey and tender. Just add butter, water and your favorite fruit. We used fresh blueberries and it is to die…oh we mean live for!

This is why we RYE!