Chocolate Mousse Filled Popovers – DIY Dessert

Chocolate Mousse Filled Popovers

Popover chocolate mousse filled





Sturdiwheat’s Popover Mix
Prepare easy directions on package. Bake and cool.
Chocolate Mousse Filling
12oz semi-sweet baking chocolate
1 pint of heavy whipping cream
Beat cream on medium speed until stiff peaks form.
Melt chocolate in double boiler ( or in microwave) and fold into whipped cream until just mixed, do not over mix.
Chill mousse for 1 hour in the refrigerator.
Poke a small hole in each popover (sometimes they already have a perfect hole leading into their open cavity).
Fill each popover with mousse using a pastry bag or a zip lock bag with the bottom corner cut off works also.
Another option is to slice off top of popover, fill cavity with mousse and replace top revealing a little of the mousse. 
Arrange on serving platter or your guests own dessert plate.
What a beautiful and delicious dessert!!  Your guests will think you were in the kitchen all day!