DIY outdoor breakfast, lunch or dinner at the cabin or at home!


We have been very patient here in the Midwest waiting for warmer, sunnier weather. Our arms and legs have not seen the light of day since last October. Spring and warm weather has arrived and we are so excited!!

Get out your lawn chairs and the grill, maybe even the tent or camper. Camping and grilling with family and friends is what we live for in the summer. In your own yard or at the cabin… breakfast outside on the grill or over the fire is one of our favorite camping activities. With Sturdiwheat Pancake Mixes all you do is add water, you DON’T need the milk, eggs and oil. So easy and so delicious!! Discover the Nordic Ware Reversible Griddle, great for outdoor grilling!!

And check out our May 2016 blog for more camp cooking hints. Our 6-ounce pancake mix packages are perfect to take into the backcountry, as expert Cliff Jacobson explains. Click HERE.

Have you been to a local or state park for a picnic or camping experience? We love camp cooking the best! Find your favorite park and take a portable grill (or use a parks grill), cooler and picnic basket! Stop at a picnic area and set up for the morning or afternoon. Beautiful scenery, great company, delicious food… it doesn’t get any better.