You say shortbread we say Sturdiwheat Shortbread!!

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Sturdiwheat Shortbread is back!




The holiday treat… that melts in your mouth !

Sturdiwheat has brought back our favorite “Shortbread“…simply melts in your mouth.  Serve a treat everyone will be talking! Prepare as a bar, cookie or a base for your favorite dessert.

Festively topped with melted chocolate chips and crushed candy canes…so easy, all natural and absolutely delicious!

The term “short” when applied to biscuits and pastry, means crumbly, like shortcrust pastry should be. It is the reason why the fat added to biscuits and pastries is called shortening. The term has been used since the early 19th century to mean fats or oils added to baked goods that supposedly “shorten” or break up masses of gluten, weakening the structure and making the final product more tender.

Today’s shortbread is made from flour, butter and sugar, though other flavorings can be added.

Any way you say it…it is absolutely delicious!!!

Your guests will think so too!


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