You say breads…we say Sturdiwheat Bread Mixes!!!

We say…Sturdiwheat Bread Mixes!

Garlic Basil, Golden Grain White, Whole Wheat, Limpa Sweet Rye,

Sweet Cardamom, Ole’s Wild Rice and French Baguette!!


Baguettes and Epi Loaves

All Natural, No Preservatives…so easy your family and guests will think you baked all day.

Make them by hand or in a bread machine. Form them into an artisan loaf, dinner rolls, or a baguette!

Sturdiwheat Hard Rolls

Garlic Basil with your lasagna, spaghetti, or fettuccini!

Golden Grain with your favorite Beef Stew, Chicken or an awesome grilled cheese sandwich!

Whole Wheat pairs up perfectly with turkey, or a roast pork loin.

Limpa Sweet Rye and Sweet Cardamom with your grandma’s favorite Swedish dish or as an appetizer with our

cheese ball recipe.

Ole’s Wild Rice is so delicious with Chicken Wild Rice Soup, Cream of Broccoli Soup or even Old Fashioned Tomato.

Ole's Wild Rice Bread

Discover our French Baguette…makes 2 loafs for a crowd, or one for dinner tonight and freeze the other for next week. Serve it with your favorite spaghetti, lasagna, fettuccini, steak or just used for dipping with your best olive oil.

Baguette 1

These easy breads do not get any better!