Wild Ramps and Morels too!

Ramp up your pancakes, waffles, galettes or flat bread with Ramps and Wild Morel Mushrooms! 

Discover something new this spring and go foraging for ramps (Allium tricoccum).


Ramps are a sure sign of spring. They are an early spring vegetable commonly know as spring onions, or wild baby leeks, their flavor is similar to a scallion.

Saute’ them in butter with a few wild mushrooms (Morels) and add them to Sturdiwheat’s Original or Buckwheat Pancake mix!

How about a cream sauce, add some of the saute’d vegetable mix to it, serve over warm crepes. Mmmmm you will be glad you did!

What a unique savory new dish for your family and friends who maybe have never heard of them.

To dig ramps, using a digging knife or stick, gently pull back the dirt from around the bulb, being careful to leave the roots in the ground. Pull back just enough dirt to expose a little bit of the bulb so you can see where to put your knife. Then carefully cut away the bottom third of the bulb with roots, leaving them in the ground. Then re-cover the roots with dirt and leave them to grow next year. That’s all there is to digging. Please be judicious and don’t take any more than you will use. Read more at www.wildedible.com/blog/foraging-ramps.

Ramp it up with Morels too!