Warm Bread! Just like Grandmas!


Nothing like the aroma of fresh bread baking that

brings back memories of going to Grandma’s house.


Baguette Rosemary 1


Grandma always made the best bread. Bring back the tradition of fresh baked goods with an easy twist.

Start it in your bread maker in the morning and have that

fresh loaf of warm bread for dinner in the evening!


Start your bread mix in a bowl, cover and let rise on the counter for up to 24 hours.

When you arrive home shape it and bake it.

Fresh bread with your favorite stew, chili, pot roast or even baguette bread with your spaghetti.



There’s nothing  like it and… soooooo easy!  Your family will love you!

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There’s nothing  like it and… soooooo easy!

Your family will love you!