Wake up to the aroma of fresh baked bread!!!

There is nothing like the aroma of fresh baked bread

on a chilly fall morning.

Just like Moms!


 It is now so easy…

 Sturdiwheat has it all in the bag…mix, knead, rise and bake!

Choose from Golden Grain White, Whole Wheat, Garlic Basil, French Baguette, Sweet Cardamom, Limpa-Sweet Rye or Ole’s Wild Rice! You can make any of these breads perfectly every time. In a bread maker or the old fashioned way you will love how they look and taste!


Braided breads, dinner rolls or a baguette! These are awesome and impressive… your guests will love them!


Holiday tip…bake the weekend before and freeze. Remove from freezer in the morning and it will be ready to serve for dinner. Warm unwrapped bread in a preheated 300 degree oven for 15 minutes.

Click here for bread baking ideas.

Dinner Hard Rolls

Epi- Shaped Baguette

Artisan Rosemary Bread

Focaccia Bread