Summer Storage Solutions

Do you often wonder how to store your flour and dry mixes in the hot summer months? Though most homes are air conditioned and remain a comfortable temperature during the summer, we would prefer to open the windows and let the fresh air in! So how do we keep our pantry items as fresh as possible? Here are a few tips if you are NOT  going to use your mixes up within a few months.

We all know a cool dry place is the best, but when it is 90 degrees and humid like this summer has been, then what? We suggest an airtight container or a resealable storage bag. Keeping it airtight is a good rule to follow. You can use plastic containers or jars work great too.

What about the refrigerator or the freezer? Yes, to the freezer! If your freezer is full like ours, then the refrigerator would be good too. We recommend enclosing our bags in a resealable freezer bag and freeze! Note: take as much air out the bag as possible. You’ll have the directions right there when you are ready to use them and no guessing at the contents either!

Recommended storage time is one year, although they can keep for up to 2 years in the freezer.

Our jars of Hot Cereal and be put right in the freezer just like they are.

So stock up when you see a sale and keep your mixes in the freezer!