Rising with Rye – Limpa Sweet Rye Bread Mix and Easy Dinner Rolls too!

 Rising with Rye

Easy Sturdiwheat Dinner Rolls!

For your next holiday dinner try these amazing Limpa Sweet Rye Dinner Rolls.

These are great, super simple, and can be made ahead and frozen. Rye dinner rolls.

Rye dinner rolls made with Sturdiwheat’s Sweet Limpa Rye Bread baking mix



Sturdiwheat Limpa Sweet Rye Bread Mix to the rescue at https://www.sturdiwheat.com/

Follow the easy instructions on the Sturdiwheat Limpa Sweet Rye Bread Mix bag for the conventional oven method through step 2. Then follow the directions below to form into delicious dinner rolls.

On lightly floured cutting board flatten dough with the palm of your hand and gently form into a log-like form.

Cut log into 3-inch pieces and gently form a dinner roll in your hand. Take a sharp serrated knife and make a slit on the top of each roll.

Let rise on parchment paper-lined cookie sheet for 1 hour.

Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

Make ahead and freeze. Thaw and warm in 250 degree oven when ready to serve.

For easy slicing discover the Appalachian Bow Saw Bread Knife!