Midsummer Celebrations!

What is Midsummer all about?

Reading this article in  Real Scandinavia and learning more about the tradition of Midsummer just makes us want to celebrate!

We can all be Swedish this weekend…right?

Everyone needs a little summer celebration after the winter and this rainy Spring. If you are Swedish (or just want to celebrate something) you will want to continue the tradition and celebrate this weekend. Break out Grandma’s Swedish recipes or try something new!

Midsummer is celebrated on the weekend between June 20th and 26th. The festivities usually include folk dancing, ring dancing and games. The May Pole looks like a beautiful part of this tradition and who doesn’t love the wreath of flowers for your hair?

Start a conversation with your relatives about the Midsummer celebration and create your own. What a fun celebration for the whole family.

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At Sturdiwheat Foods we are continuing the tradition of Swedish Foods!

Starting with our favorite Limpa Sweet Rye Bread Mix…you have to try it! We also have a Swedish Pancake Mix and Fresh Frozen Lingonberries along with Elki Lingonberry Preserves and Felix Lingonberry Jam. 

Oh…we can’t forget our Sweet Cardamom Bread Mix and Dark Caraway Rye!