My Sturdiwheat Story: Brian Klawitter, Catfish Guide and Sturdiwheat Fan

There are two little known secrets in Red Wing, Minnesota.

The first secret is the great fishery in Red Wing’s front yard. Well, maybe some have heard it’s one of the best walleye fisheries in the upper Midwest but few know it for it’s Trophy Flathead Catfish and Lake Sturgeon fishing and even fewer know that I guide for them.
Great shot of Brian and a flathead catfish, from a Star-Tribune article last June.

Great shot of Brian and a flathead catfish, from a Star-Tribune article last June.

In my guiding, I’ve been watching these large species, grow in angler interest by leaps and bounds. With the MN and WI DNR’s opening a catch and release Lake Sturgeon season 9 months out of the year interest in the largest fish in Minnesota’s has really taken off!

Nighttime catfish fishing.

My guided trips are at night and are guaranteed an adventure. Leaving in the daylight allows a person to take in all the sights and sounds of river life. At times we lock through the dam and head through backwaters filled with bald eagles and other wildlife. Then on to the fishing grounds that might be some of the most remote places in the area. Although the trip home is in the dark, many find the black sky fascinating by watching for falling stars and satellites.  One or two fish in the 20 to 50 pound range is about all a person can expect. This is simple fishing. Relaxing and the same way Huck Finn would have fished for them had he owned a boat.

The second best kept secret is the Sturdiwheat Food Company. Makers of a number of mouth watering mixes for the person that likes things simple. From fish coating to pancakes and bread mixes to desserts. In dry mix form where in most cases water is the only thing to add. Quick, easy and simple. Huck Finn’s mother would have loved this stuff!

Although all their pancake mixes are very good tasting, everyone has a fav. My favorite is the Apple/Cinnamon mix. Staying on the river in my camper trailer on weekends I’m tight on space. No room for eggs and milk much less apples and such. I just heat up my griddle, add 1 cup of water to 1 cup of pancake mix and I’m in business!

Now my Favorite Wife is in love with the Almond Pecan Walnut pancakes. From scratch, this would take more

brian walleye wit cajun fish coating

Fresh walleye fillets with Cajun Fish Coating mix

time than I’m willing to spend getting all the ingredients together. All I need to do is to have another mixing bowl and I have a happy wife…and you know what they say! Happy wife….

For fish it’s the Cajun Fish Coating Mix. Yes, there is a hint of spice to it, but nothing near what the name implies. In fact, not only do I use it on my fish but I add it to chicken, pork chops, hash brown potatoes and SPAM! It’s a quick easy and simple seasoning.

This weekend before heading out after the big fish, my favorite wife and I will be enjoying both of our favorite pancakes along the Mississippi River, just as ol’ Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer would have if they could have.
Thanks, Brian, for being such a fan. We love your enthusiasm and your love for our all-natural products.
We hope to see you on the river soon!
You can find Brian’s guided fishing adventures here.