How do you choose the right pumpkin for pie and carving?

Do you know about all the different Pumpkin choices?

There are pumpkins for the best pie and then ones just for carving! OMG!! Our go-to site for information is Minnesota Grown! You can find out more about choosing the best pumpkin!

For carving:

photo of Minnesota Grown Pumpkins

Look for a firm pumpkin that still has a 1 to 2 inch strong sturdy stem attached. A strong firm pumpkin will last longer than those with thin steams and soft spots. Choose pumpkins without cracks, small holes, or blemishes.

Don’t be fooled! The orange-est pumpkin is not always the ripest. Many varieties come in varying shades and colors!

For cooking:

Pumpkins for cooking are usually smaller than the typical Jack-O-Lantern variety. They contain a sweeter flesh that is less water and will work better for your favorite recipes.

Pumpkins can be baked, roasted, steamed, boiled, or made into your favorite sweet treats! Pumpkins are low in calories but high in healthy fibers, Vitamin A, and potassium. Don’t forget about those savory pumpkin seeds! Try the Kakai Pumpkin variety, Snack Jack, Baby Bear next time you make roasted pumpkin seeds. You can figure that one pound of raw, untrimmed pumpkin will yield around one cup of finished pumpkin puree. A 5 pound pumpkin will make roughly two 9 inch pies.

If you plan to store your pumpkin, heavier is better! Pick pumpkins that feel heavy for their size, ensuring a good amount of flesh inside. A fatter pumpkin will sweeten over a few months of storage.

For more information go to Minnesota Grown! We do!