Friday Fish Dinner – DIY dinner!

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DIY – Friday Fish Fry with Sturdiwheat’s Fish coating!

It’s Friday and hear in the Midwest “Friday Fish Fry’s” have been around since I was a kid. Most restaurants and Bar & Grills have a Friday Fish special. Batter fried, baked and a variety of coatings on all kinds of fish but mostly cod. We all love them and often carry on the tradition all through the year. You’d think we would get tired of fish but they also have such a variety of other delicious food choices. From fish, chicken, ham, meatballs and shrimp, (just to name a few) all served with a great salad bar, soups, potatoes, dinner rolls and dessert! It is normally an all you can eat buffet! …sometimes we do eat way to much. :)

What’s for dinner tonight?  Discover Sturdiwheat’s coating mixes! NO MSG!!

   10,000 Lakes Seasoned Fish Coating Mix

You can’t go wrong… it is just the right amount of seasonings blended together to compliment your choice of fish, chicken, pork or potatoes!

Oh don’t forget to complete your meal with a cooked vegetable, Sturdiwheat’s Baguette Bread Mix and an Apple Crisp Topping Mix (use with any fruit)for your dessert.

So easy and delicious your family will love it! #loveit