Italian Snack Bread by Sturdiwheat!


And YOU just add water.

Healthy with that natural goodness you expect from Sturdiwheat.

This is not like any other Focaccia you have tried!  The color and texture are so great – The flavor earthy and just a bit sweet.  It is a hearty bread.

You can bake this in a sided cookie sheet to contain the shape – or you can bake it in free form as I did on a flat pan.  Actually I use a silicon baking sheet and minimize the cleanup.

The addition of the toppings really made this bread a wonderful part of the meal.  And the aroma of onions and peppers sauteing is great for the kitchen.

Follow the directions on the package. While it is rising, saute sliced onion and sliced sweet red pepper in a bit of olive oil until it is soft.

When ready to bake, put the onions and red peppers on top of the focaccia along with other herbs.  I used sliced garlic (see it in the second photo?) And some thing slices of fresh basil.

Finally I topped it with the olive oil and sea salt that Sturdiwheat supplied.  I also added some larger crystals of sea salt that I had in the house . . . . and found that the balance between the slightly sweet Focaccia and the salt was very good!  Try out something new!

Top it with:  Sage? Rosemary? Parmesan? Tomatoes?  Marjoram? How about Scarborough Fair Herbs of Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme?