Breville Pizza Maker

Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker  BPZ600XL

Breville Pizza Maker

Brick oven results at home!!

We tested this Pizza Maker with Sturdiwheat Bread Mixes for the pizza crust and it was a hit! 

  • Features:
  • Countertop pizza maker gives you professional brick-oven results, right in your own kitchen.
  • Dual heating elements on the top and bottom of the oven heat the ceramic pizza stone up to 660F, replicating the cooking environment of a brick oven.
  • Built-in 12″ diam. baking stone conducts and retains heat evenly to guarantee crisp, golden crusts.
  • Settings for Thin, Medium and Thick crusts automatically adjust cooking time and temperature to ensure uniformly baked pizzas.
  • Bakes Pizzas up to 11 inch in diameter.

Sturdiwheat Bread Mixes make great pizza crusts! 

Golden Grain White, Whole Wheat, Garlic Basil or Italian Snack Bread.