Breadman Corner Bakery TR888

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The Sturdiwheat Golden Grain was the first bread tested and dried out (crack in loaf) by the last day of testing, though it is still representative of size and crust thickness.

Breadman Corner Bakery

Cycle setting

#3 Whole wheat,

B Crust Medium

Ease of programming

Very Easy

Length of cycle

4 hours

Temp of Water

100° F

Ease of removing bread from pan

Very Easy

Appearance of bread





Test Score:  5 Stars


Test Notes:

This machine had the most consistent great results and was also the easiest to use.  Each of the Sturdiwheat loaves baked perfectly and had a nice crust that was true to the medium setting.  As you can see the Ole’s Wild Rice Bread came out very large, it was actually touching the lid about ¾ of the way through the cycle.  It may have produced a nice dome as well if it had the room!  It seems this machine is not available now and we will be testing another comparable Breadman soon to see if produces similar results.