Artisan Rosemary Bread

Simple and rustic, add herbs to our baguette mix for your own homemade artisanal bread

Rosemary bread made with Sturdiwheat baguette bread mix

Artisan Rosemary Bread

Start with our favorite Sturdiwheat Baguette Bread mix!


Artisan Bread. We hear so much about this today. Rosemary adds a wonderful flavor to the Sturdiwheat Baguette. And your family or guests will be in awe of this exceptional bread made in your kitchen. Simply add chopped rosemary to the dry ingredients before adding the water. Otherwise follow the simple Sturdiwheat instructions. Remember – You can leave this dough to “age” for up to 24 hours. Special flavors develop with a longer rise.

Shape in any manner. Just before baking slash the top of the loaves and spray with water. This helps develop a great crust. A pan of hot water placed in the preheated oven 30 minutes before baking will produce steam in the oven that greatly improves the crust.

Enjoy warm with family & friends!