A Sturdiwheat Day – For the Holidays, or Anytime!

Morning, Midday, Evening – Sturdiwheat

Enjoy great Sturdiwheat Products throughout the day.  Sturdiwheat Mixes are so easy – As in just add water! And they make you the star of your kitchen.

For the breads, they all freeze beautifully. This is the best part of a busy holiday schedule. Go ahead – make them well in advance and freeze to further ease the preparations on your special days.

Try this – For Breakfast

Sturdiwheat Swedish Pancakes greet the morning with a burst of flavor. Enjoy with lingonberries (can be purchased on Sturdiwheat website) or with whipped cream and fresh fruit, or with butter and syrup.  You choose.  No matter what you choose, these will quickly become a favorite.


 For Lunch – Two great suggestions. And clean-up is a snap!

Sandwiches. Enjoy that sandwich on this wonderful Sturdiwheat Limpa Rye. Dense. Brimming with flavor. Enjoy it with your ham, turkey or other favorite meat, along with lettuce and your favorite sandwich additions like cucumbers, roasted red bell peppers, and/or sprouts. Your favorite homemade (or not) cranberry relish would be a great addition to the turkey sandwich for a nice piece of variety. Oh yes, it’s good! Try it. Put all these ingredients on a tray and let them make their own. Don’t forget the mustard (try some special mustards) and mayo.


A light and casual “you pick it” lunch. Serve Julekake made from our Cardamom Bread Mix. This is SO good. Slightly sweet with that hint of cardamom, which is used the world over as a spice for both savory and sweet dishes. This tasty Sweet Cardamom Bread with the infusion of candied fruit is the perfect mid-day treat. The recipe is here. Like most Sturdiwheat products – Just add water.  In this case, add the candied fruit also. (When freezing this treat, prepare and add the glaze when the bread has been removed from the freezer and is at room temperature.)

Spread the finished bread on a platter with light meats, cheeses and some grapes. Each can make his/her own plate.


 For Dinner. Two ideas here too.

This is really something special.  A Sturdiwheat Baguette – Or use the baguette mix and make epi-shaped loaves. Find out how by clicking here. These are great for conversation, and let each diner break off his/her own “piece” of the baguette. This mix is so outstanding. Perfect baguettes every time. These loaves were baked in my home and thoroughly enjoyed. I am never without the Sturdiwheat Baguette Mix. And just add water! This dough can be left to rise for 1 to 24 hours.  The longer it rises, the more the flavor develops. Try it. You won’t be disappointed.


Hard Rolls. If you prefer individual rolls (and this is the perfect place to find them), look no further. The hard rolls made from this Sturdiwheat Baguette Mix are incredible. And as easy as making the baguette. Cutting the baguette for hard rolls is explained here. These hard rolls gain acclaim every time they are put on our table. It’s love of that most wonderful of breads. These also freeze beautifully.