Following are the results of the Limpa-Sweet Rye bread test.  Overall the results from our 153 testers were very positive and we have ideas to address problems testers did have both with their machine and with the mix.  When reading through the comments sections there are two things to note.  First, the comments start out with the tester’s answer to the question:  Would you recommend this product to others?  Second, portions of the comments will be in bold followed with a number or letter to denote that at the end of the section there will be a corresponding note addressing the bolded portion.    Thank you again for being a Sturdiwheat Tester and we look forward to the next test.

I.  Bread Machine Results




Black & Decker

  • Definitely-Perhaps adding a water temp range to the directions-might help the novice baker(A). Great bread one of my favorites. (All in one horizontal #UNK)


  • Definitely-Great flavor & so easy! Delicious. I took this bread to a dinner party & collected feedback. Rave reviews-the only area without all positive feedback was that the middle/bottom was slightly doughy. (Ultimate)
  • Definitely-I am not a rye bread fan in general, but your products are all so good, I loved this bread -one error on my part-I took it out of the oven too early- couldn’t wait!

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Round 1

The purpose of the first round is to test the out-of-the-box performance of each machine.  This means that we pulled the new bread machines out of their boxes, plugged them in, followed the directions on the backs of the bags of 4 Sturdiwheat Bread mixes, and hit “START”.  We did not glance at any of the directions for the individual machines.  The results from Round 1 will not reflect the full potential of these bread machines.  It will allow us to compare them side by side on the same setting with the same mixes, and will reflect their user friendly qualities for those of us who dread reading the directions.  Round 2 will be more experimental and involves reading the directions to address individual problems revealed in Round 1.



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Breadman Corner Bakery


Breadman Pro


Breadman Ultimate Plus


Cuisinart Bread Maker


Panasonic Bread Bakery




Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme


















We are currently testing several of the top selling bread machines and will be posting the results in the very near future.  Here is a list of the machines included in the first round of tests:

  • Panasonic Bread Bakery SD-YD250
  • Breadman Pro TR875
  • Breadman Ultimate Plus
  • Breadman Corner Bakery TR888
  • Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme BBCC-X20
  • West Bend 41026
  • Cuisinart CBK-200

Please post suggestions of models you would like to see us test in the next round.